Fashion Bug Credit Card

Fashion Bug is one of a group of retail stores owned by Charming Shoppes and brands more property, which specialize in providing high quality fashion clothing for women size off. Many customers are faithful to the diversity Fashion Bug clothing available, and credit card Fashion Bug can help customers save money and get more affordable for their loyalty.

Fashion Bug is a popular retailer of plus size and misses clothing and also offers a store credit card. There are actually two versions of the card: the regular version and the premier version, which offers better rewards and a few additional perks.

The only people I would recommend the Fashion Bug credit card to are those who have really bad credit and can’t get approved for anything else – or – for those who spend thousands of dollars per year at Fashion Bug

People who apply for the Fashion Bug Credit Card are usually successful if they have an average to good credit score, and the rate of interest you get is not the lowest, but competitive enough. Standard APR for purchases is 24.99%. Late payment and returned payment fee is $35.

There are so many promotional offering for the customer. About 10 % of cash back and also free annual fee. For the payment method, it is better for us to link to the online payment. By clicking, we can always connected with the company support team.  We can check our account, balance, payment, even customize our credit card limit. Remember to be the wise credit card holder.

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