Credit Card Number

Credit cards are very popular because of the easiness of transactions both online and offline, in the country even when we are travelling abroad. This facility is granted the easy  and comfort for our security transaction.  The safe transaction make people more confidence to make a transaction using a credit card. The company made the number on the credit card for the security reason. The numbers are arranged in a complicated algorithm to ensure security of access.

Most of the credit card using the Luhn algorithm.  Hans Peter Luhn algorithm designed a system to validate the various combinations of numbers for identification. Most of  all the products on the market, a security code of various documents, credit card numbers, coded pulses, cellular phones, etc.. that contains the rows of numbers using the check digit calculation algorithm system like this. System algorithms function checks the validity of a combination of digits numbers formed in it.

Here is the meaning of credit card numbers

A. The first digit mens the code for the type of credit card companies , also known as Major Industry Identifier (MII)

0 – ISO/TC 68 and other future industry assignments
1 – Airlines
2 – Airlines and other future industry assignments
3 – Travel and entertainment and banking/financial
4 – Banking and financial
5 – Banking and financial
6 – Merchandising and banking/financial
7 – Petroleum and other future industry assignments
8 – Healthcare, telecommunications and other future industry assignments
9 – National assignment

B. The first six digits are a code for the credit card companies, also known as Identification Number or IIN. We can find it easily on the credit card, such as :

Master Card : 51XXXX or 54XXXX
American Express : 34XXXX or 37XXXX

C.  The  seven and following digits identify the account number this is a random number which is a special number for each credit card holder.

D. The last only one number is the number of correct identity card checks. 

The right number  on the credit card indicates that the card is valid for use. Be careful to give the credit card number  for the transaction. Be wise and use credit card  on a trusted merchants.

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