The Credit Card Interest

When we use our credit card for shooping , traveling or may be for paying electronic bill , we have to know that there is an interest that the credit card company will charge fo us.  Maybe many people were asking why there is any extra money that we have to pay for our credit card’s bill. This is because the credit card company pay our bill first. It means that the credit card use their money to fulfill  our shooping or traveling payment.   That is the reason why the credit card company ask “the service charge”.

If we do not fullfil our credit card’s bill on time, the more  credit card company will charge us.  On the other hand, many people pay their credit cards in minimum payment on time.  The outstanding debt also will charge.  The longer we use their money the more debt that will be charged in our credit card bill.
 Every credit card company has their own interest rate for credit card. It is important for us to get more complete and detail information first before using the credit card.  We can do the research online , by phone or directly ask the credit card company by going to their office. We also have to know  about the regulation for the late payment or for the minimum payment.  If we know the detail information, we can calculate our credit card interest.

We do not have to pay a lot of money as the extra charge for our bill. This is because the credit card companies do not charge very high rate actually.  They will not loose their potensial customer off course.  Please survey  and get the detail informaton  from the different credit card company, so we can compare and decide which is the best credit card for us.

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