Sears Credit Card Login

The online access makes us easy to manage our money. If you have the sears credit card, you can Manage your Sears card account online--whenever it suits you.

Here are some benefit that the sears credit card online have :

1. View Your Account Summary
Get important account information at a glance, including your balance, current and past statements, available credit and payment due date.

2. Get Online Statements
Get immediate access to your statement online for up to 12 months in a variety of formats including PDF.

3. Review Account Activity
View your most recent activity online and sort by date, purchase and amount. Download your activity and create and download customized reports in a variety of formats.

4. View Your Payment History
Access your payment history to view online whenever you wish.

5. Make Online Payments
Pay your credit card bill online at your convenience and get credit as of that day as long as your payment request is received by 5 p.m. ET.

6. Request a Credit Limit Increase
Enjoy the flexibility and ease of requesting a Credit Limit increase online.

7. Request a Credit Balance Refund
If you are carrying a credit balance, you can request a refund via Account Online.

8. Organize Multiple Sears Credit Cards
If you have more than one Sears credit card, keep them organized for review in one place and use a single sign-on to access all your accounts.

9. Add Authorized Users
Easily add Authorized Users to your account through Account Online.

10. Request a Replacement Card
If your credit card is lost or stolen, you can easily order a replacement card through Account Online.

11. Paperless Statements
Help protect your identity and the environment, while reducing paper clutter by receiving your monthly statements online only. Receive regular email alerts each month when your statement is ready to view and download at your convenience.

12. Secure Message Center
Get account-related questions answered securely and privately through the Message Center.

To log in to the sears credit card online application, you  have to verify your Information first.
Please have your card available to activate it (if required) and/or register for online account management. All fields are required unless otherwise noted.
A.Card Number

B.Name on Card

C. Last 3 Digits on Signature Panel Please contact us if you don't have digits on the back of your card.

D. Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number must be the primary card holder's Social Security Number

After it successful registered, you can view your balance, statement, payment due date and recent transactions. It's already available to you, and it's free. Once you have your Sears card, register for Account Online.

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