How to get the lower interest of credit card

If you have many of credit cards and your credit cards used to the fullest every month,  you will definitely want a low interest rate.  You can save money and focus for the principal balance if you pay in the lowest interest for your credit cards bills.

Actually, The company do not have a rule for lowering the interest of your credit cards. However if you always use and pay your credit card’s bill on time every month , it means you have a good track record for your bill, may be the credit card company will  consider your submission. The credit card company does not want lose their best customers  off course.

If the credit card company did not respond for your submission, you can go to the office and tell them that you are considering another credit card company’s offer.  You may say that the reason you will choose another credit cards company because of their lower interest.  This reason is logically accepted actually.

our perseverance is the key.  For the easy way of communication, you also may call the credit card company and tell them that another credit card company offer you the lower interest and this makes you consider about the offer. As the best customer, the credit card company will never want to lose you.

This method is the way to get the lower interest of credit card. But, if you do not get the lower interest, it is better for you to research and find another credit cards company. Of course, with the lower interest. After you get the new credit card, you may also ask your previous credit card company to reduce the interest rate, or you just do not use your  previous credit anymore.

It is not the easy way to get the lower interest. Because every credit card company have their own rule. But have to try, because the lower interest you get , the more money you can save. Have a nice try.

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