The Credit Card Pay off Calculator

The most important questioan that everybody always ask is, when will they pay off their credit cards bill? Some credit cards company will sent us the credit card calculator in the excel application, wheter it is Google excel or Microset Excel aplication that we can download for free. Some of the credit card company makes the online special aplication for you, so you can manage your credit card usage. By knowing the balance, paying time, interest rate and another additional administration fee, we can calculate our credit card bill. This application have to easy and friendly used by us as the credit card customer.

The credit card calculator help us to know the detail nominal money to predict our next bill. This detail information will guide us to think first before wastefull  the credit card.  We always obsessed by the crazy discount that many merchant will give  for the credit card user. The best service promotion from the travel agent , sometimes makes us as the credit card customer drool.

Some  of the credit card company give the annual interest rate for our bill. If we want to calculate, we have to know the monthly interest rate of our credit card first, by deviding twelve of course. We can choose the many different method of calculating our bill. For the example, If we want to know the time to pay off, we just entering the balance, the interest rate, and the monthly nominal that we wolud like to pay monthly.  In the other hand, if we can to know the monthly bill that we want to pay, we entering the balance , interest rate, the time that we woul to pay off. By calculate our expenses of by using credit card makes us more wise to use the credit card. Wheter you want to use that for travelling, shopping both online and off line , paying the monthly payment  such as the electricity bill maybe.

The calculators are more accurate and easier to you if the figure is not rounded off.  When you compare your calcualtion to the company bill report. There is may be a slight difference of money. We have to understand that the credit card company will rouded our bill to the nearest ten. This calculation method give the easy way for both to pay the bill.  Enjoy the credit card calculator, the best way for us using credit card without having unpaid debt. 

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